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I'm sure I've said this before but I'll say it again: the quality level of SGA fic is staggering. Mind blowing. Publisher worthy. And to consider that beginning of this year I had not heard of a) NCIS b) Fanfic c) Stargate Atlantis or d) Youtube and that now I spent all my free hours watching and reading! yay.

You want to know how this all went down? Check it out (this is actually kind of interesting for marketeers and internet researchers! And free of charge. You're welcome!)

So there you go.

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Note to self: bookmark any halfway decent fic because it takes a tremendous amount of time to locate that particular story again (and notice how calm I sound, but - not so much).

Have been TRYING VERY HARD to find:

- fic about Rodney, crazed on wraith serum and his thoughts (or rather: mind melt) in that one minute he's attempting to tell Elisabeth what happened with the team. Post The Hive obviously. And set in some type of verse, but I can't remember what type.

- fic about Rodney, in which he deep freezes his cat, so he can smuggle the little beast to Atlantis (you'd think this would be under the Personal Item challenge on flash_fic, but no).

The only upside to all this searching .. the ton of excellent SGA fanfic I found (and did I bookmark? no).
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Okay, so I did an OOC-Ziva rant yesterday and yelled that nobody does her justice and I take that back (well, partly). Quite a number of writers do her justice, it's just not a whole lot compared to the total number of NCIS fanfic writers. But ...*happy thoughts*

and a link to a great fanfic, written by Lattelady, and kudos for the Ziva characterization!

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I am sure I have no right to comment on other people's fanfics (being unable to write my way out of a paper cup so to speak), but I have to get this of my chest.  I do so dislike OOC. 

Ziva for example. I love Ziva. Such an extremely complicated character, with an incredible interesting background and hardly anyone does her justice (well, a few do, like Drawmeasheep, but  still...).

How hard can it be to admit that Ziva genuinely cares for Tony? So why write a Ziva who is sharky and mean to Tony and apparently doesn't know about Tony's bout with the plague (although she did dossiers on all of them) and calls him a baby when he has a cough and is in turn snappishly put down by McGee and Gibbs ( who are suddenly laughably protective of Tony - talk about OOC).  Really, you wouldn't believe the number of fanfics out there, mentioning just that, whereas at the start of season 4 Ziva and Tony are good friends and in season 4 she's the only one worried about Tony and looking up information on the internet about Y-pestis.

And while I'm at it: please get over the everybody-was-invited-to Ziva's-dinner party-but-Tony incident in Boxed In. Tony had tickets to a wrestling game! Palmer was invited because he tuned her piano! The whole thing was an impromptu get together and they were teasing Tony! He's an adult, not a seven year old, he can handle that. And Ziva apologized and fixed him dinner the same evening. That this incident actually inspired someone to write a 32 chapter fanfic, where Ziva dies at the end because she did not invite Tony for dinner, with over a hundred reviews cheering the author on ... good lord!

I can't wait for season 3 and 4 to be aired everywhere, so we get passed this "why did Kate leave the show, I hate Ziva" complex that half the fanfic writers seem to have. Move on people. 

*takes a breath*



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