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C'mon flist, where are the posts? it wasn't that bad. Quite enjoyable actually.

Your run of the mill fubar mission in a post-medieval village complete with rusty oil drums and corrugated iron sheet rooftops (Earth disaster relief at its finest or some of the Marines are earning a little extra selling scraps - you choose) where everybody sold everybody out to the Wraith. What surprised me most was how the women all wore rags and the men were dressed in tweed jackets.

And McKay was great (I mean, seriously great. I love him) and Sheppard was badass hot (I mean, seriously badass hot) and although underused, Teyla and Ronon were at least both present.

I'm not sure how Sheppard was planning to get McKay and Beckett down from the Wraith ship without a jumper, but eeh, doesn't matter. McKay saved himself. Because he's great.

But Carson Beckett, boy, does he annoy me. Not to be mean or anything, but Paul McGillion only has one expression. ONE! Here it is:

Carson's BEST friends unexpectedly drop by! 'Hi guys, what a pleasant surprise!'

Carson hears a woman scream!  (no, his expression did not change that entire scene and yes, that blur on the right is Sheppard.)

Carson watches the Wraith enter the village!

Carson explains to his patient Nolan she's poisonous to the Wraith.

Carson at gunpoint sticking up for his patients!

(little break here: Sheppard protecting Carson! *happy sigh*)

Carson captured by the Wraith! Stuck in a wraith cell!

Carson lecturing Rodney on moral dilemmas (hahaha).

Carson being fed on by a Wraith! Ouch!  (I did NOT skip caps! This was his most pained expression.)

Carson trying to squeeze in with McKay in a Wraith dart that seats only one.

Carson back safely on Atlantis, too busy to have lunch with his BEST friend Rodney!

He also doesn't move his arms when he talks. Ever.

I swear I did not skip the parts where he's animated and expressive. There aren't any.


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