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2008-01-25 01:13 am
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Screencaps. Why not, it's not like I'm leaving for Hawaii in a day and haven't packed yet...

Larrin in hi-res. HA! I like her. And (brace yourselves) Sheppard likes her. He does.


Now, I know what everyone is saying ('Larrin is an abusive space ho, who kicks poor John around and gets in the way of the profoundness that is McShep') and I hear you, but listen - compared to Teer, Chaya and whatshername in The Tower, Larrin is pretty hot. And fierce. And perfect for him, because she's never going to abandon her people and he's never going to abandon Atlantis. I ask you, what's the worry? 

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2007-11-18 02:43 am
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Fic rec!

Oh man, check out this fic. Hysterically funny!  Revenge of the Discs by Greywolf Lupous.

Oh, boys!  *laughs*