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C'mon flist, where are the posts? it wasn't that bad. Quite enjoyable actually.

Some squee, some whining and screencaps )

I swear I did not skip the parts where he's animated and expressive. There aren't any.

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I liked this episode. I really enjoyed it. Teyla as a tiny fierce Wraith Queen was great and her worried team was adorkable. So here my very, very late commentary:



And a gazillion screen caps in high resolution no less. )

Good episode. Listed #4 on my list.
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Well ok. I knew I wasn't going to like it much, what with no Rodney, no Teyla, no Ronon and Joe Mallozzi writing it, but I wanted to like it. It's SGA after all. It  has John Sheppard.

I'm going to gloss over the constant splitting up "to cover more ground" and running away from main group and protection smack into danger, because that is a must-do in horror. No. What I really didn't like, was:

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So for now, Whispers is at the bottom of the S5 heap, where I hope it will stay. If this is the last season, I want all awesome episodes.

ETA: *ROFL*    Screams by [ profile] facetofcathy 
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Oh yes oh yes oh yes. Totally loved the finale. Like whoa. Like IM-ing at seven in the morning whoa

spoilers spoilers spoilers )
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But completely annoying: ad banners that obliterate half the screen. Ghosthunters!

Seriously SciFi. Very counterproductive.

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OH SHOOOOOOW. So much love. My cup runneth over.

Loved this episode. 
Loved it. )

[personal profile] naye said it all. And she's got screencaps! Screencaps galore. Go check it out!

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I don't even know the name of last night's episode. I'm staying with friends on the (gorgeous) island of Maui and they are like Stargate? Huh? No, we want to rent a movie.. . Man, I wish I could watch this show with people who enjoy it as much as I do, instead of finding excuses to slip into my bedroom and WATCH THE SHOW HOVERING OVER MY SMALL PORTABLE TV WITH THE REMOTE IN MY HAND! And I enjoyed this episode so much! How 

Did the filming of this and last week's episode coincide with a confest or something? Last week Sheppard and McKay, this week Sheppard and Ronon. Where's everybody?

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I tried to be coherent about this episode or shut up all together, and I can’t do either.
A note. The first time I watched this episode I was somewhat disappointed by the first half hour and made speechless by the final ten minutes. Second time I watched it, I enjoyed the first half hour and drooled over the final ten minutes. Third time I declared the whole episode brilliant and the final ten minutes worthy of an Emmy. Ok, there are parts in the middle that still suck slightly, but overall this episode rocks like Common Ground.

*dies of SGA overload*

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Aside from the total lack of Sheppard and McKay (I rewatched their scenes a couple of times to even it out a little -  Shane!”), this episode didn’t suck nearly as bad as  

[personal profile] karri_kln1671said it would. But then, I’m starting to develop a serious girl crush on Keller. She, with her fear of bugs, her disgust of slimy tendril food, her avoidance of physical exercise and her low threshold for pain, is me. I totally channelled her throughout the ep.


Besides, we all know this episode was written to explain Teyla’s pregnancy.  (just move your mouse over the text. I'm fed up with LJ-cut)

So, on to more shallow things. Season 4 uniforms and what were they thinking. Am I the only person in SGA fandom who’s unhappy with the way “they” (the wardrobe pod people) are dressing Sheppard this season?

This, people, is HOT.




This is not.

He is the Military Leader of Atlantis for pete's sake. King of Cool. He looks like the UPS delivery guy. 

And in Tabula Rasa I was struck by how small he looked between those bulky marines with their crew cuts and tac vests (and shouldn't those marines at least acknowledge their CO when he steps in the room? They completely ignored him). It's time he pulls some rank.
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My not so coherent thoughts during this episode, aka 677 words of unbeta-ed squee

Man this was good. 
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Introduction of The Travelers. And wow.

Lessee .. )


*presses play a second time*

Oh, wait, the fic. Kassrachel's Symptomology. (McShep)

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Men are from Mars.
Doppelganger, the pinnacle of fangirl squee, was "just a filler ep" for my SGA-don’t-spoiler-me-buddy on the other side of the country. A filler! I didn't even know what to say to that. I tried though.

Buddy didn't get it. He wants space fights and season story arc. We agreed about three things though:

1.    Carter is ok, but Weir was better.

2.    Heightmeyer's make-up looked weird this episode. Also, we never liked her.

3.    We want to see the huge venomous snake-like creatures on the main land.

BTW: the snakes immediately reminded me of Koscha’s fanfic ‘A Geek in the Grass’, which is excellent!

here )
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Doppelganger. Great episode!! Great. A blatant fanfic prompt. 

The highlights:



It was magnificent. I wish I could write fanfic.

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OK episode. Not as mind blowing as First Strike, Adrift and Lifeline but what do you expect? If they kept up that level of suspense, I'd spontaneously combust, so this was kind of a nice breather. Here's the summary (I'm not calling it a review) so beware, MAJOR SPOILERS, as in minute to minute account  of what happens.

Reunion )

Next week Doppelganger. I can.not.wait. 


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