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I love this show. 

Tony in jeans. OMG. Yes! Finally. The Season of Suits is behind us.

"Honey, do you think they come in a kingsize?? We could be making out in a Ferrari GT!"

Loved the banter, the scene in the kid's bedroom, the hike through the woods, the argument about the map. Everything with Tony and Ziva. They were adorable.

Not so great:

The kid. Sorry, scriptwriter (and still behind you 100% - Go WGA), but if you can't write lines for an 8 year old, find some one who can.

"Every one had been great to me, Agent Gibbs, but between you and me - I'm ready for this to be over."

Give me flying break here. No 8 year old talks like that. 

Jenny Shepard. Ew. She never seems to nail it, it's always a little off - with the kid, with Gibbs, sitting behind her desk. It's been two years and she still hasn't convinced me she is Director of NCIS. 

But all in all, good episode.

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I liked the episode! And I'm surprised, because I thought that NO WAY were they going to do the heart stopping-best-ever-promo justice, but yes, I liked it.

The case was interesting and not too far fetched (other than the involvement of Kelly's childhood friend, but okay, poetic license, and I really liked the actress. Very believable).  Abby had no labwork, so snapped photo's with her new cellphone and said the right things to stoic Gibbs. McGee and Ziva were background (Ziva changed her hair!), Tony was pleasantly frosty with Madame Director. He's not quite come to terms with her and her Frog obsession yet.

And alright, I'll admit I ran to the kitchen for refills during the cheesy flashbacks, because I refuse to be suckered into that. Nobody wants to listen to Gibbs sing Ring-around-the-rosy. I truly hope this is it for the Kelly & Shannon story line. They've milked it for all it's worth, let's give the guy some closure; it's been 16 years after all.

Also, person-that-does-Jenny's-make-up: are you blind? Look at her lipstick. It was all over the place.

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Hm. After last week's total squee (no Grenouille, praise the lord), I wasn't too thrilled about this week's episode. It had some great moments - the iPod's, Abby interacting with someone from outside the team for a chance, Gibbs' awkwardness at being surrounded by THREE women, all of whom he slept with (*snort*), but overall … not my favorite episode. Too much Mann. And sorry, but Mann, with her army garb, her 'at ease' stance and her constant harping about commitment, annoys the crap out of me.

I hope (pray, beg) that Gibbs' relationship with Mann is not going to be the red thread running through this season. Mann wants a long term relationship with a caring, sharing, open-hearted Gibbs and Gibbs is an extremely private person, married to his work and won't ever live up to her expectations - We get it.

(And let me also add, I thought it was oh so very very inappropriate of Ducky to tell Mann about Gibbs' first wife and child. If Gibbs hasn't told Mann yet, he is obviously not ready and it isn't up to Ducky to tell her. I squirmed watching it.)

About half the scenes gave me déjà vu. The meeting in Jenny's office ("let's decide who is 'on top' during this investigation" - ha ha) was almost identical to the one in Skeletons, so were Tony and Ziva's remarks about Mann being ex-wife #4, and Mann and Gibbs' umpteenth heart to heart in the elevator was mighty similar to the conversation they had in his basement in Trojan Horse.

But Tony was funny and my Tiva babies looked happy - yay, I'm so glad they're on friendly terms again. So glad. And jealous McGee was cute. Very cute.

And the final shot was heart breaking (Hmmm, Mark does anguish so well).
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Today CBS finally released the name of the NCIS Season 5 premiere: Bury Your Dead (and way to go ominous Shane. My compliments). 

Here's my take on it:

Still no spoilers on the episode itself, but if my calculations pan out, the coastal crime scene - that our "intripid" Team Leader Gibbs is described investigating in last week's TV Guide cover story on Mark Harmon - could be in episode 1. And the victim is a "recurring guest star" - obviously with navy connection or NCIS wouldn't be doing the investiging. That excludes Kort, who is CIA, or Fornell, who is FBI. It can't be Mike Franks, who is going to be in episode 100 according to Muse's Yahoo blog or Palmer or Lee, who both have contracts for several episodes.

There's really only one recurring guest star that I'd like to see OFF the show, but unfortunately that person's navy connection is a bit feeble. Of course, when I read the article, I assumed that the episode starts with a drowning victim and our team on the case, but what if the episode ends with the drowning? The sad conclusion of an undercover operation gone wrong ... at that point the navy connection would be abundantly clear (heck, the team probably held  her under). 

It could also be Jenny's father. He did have a cameo on Angel of Death, to technically he fits the description of recurring guest star.

Is it 25 September yet?

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Okay, so I did an OOC-Ziva rant yesterday and yelled that nobody does her justice and I take that back (well, partly). Quite a number of writers do her justice, it's just not a whole lot compared to the total number of NCIS fanfic writers. But ...*happy thoughts*

and a link to a great fanfic, written by Lattelady, and kudos for the Ziva characterization!

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I am sure I have no right to comment on other people's fanfics (being unable to write my way out of a paper cup so to speak), but I have to get this of my chest.  I do so dislike OOC. 

Ziva for example. I love Ziva. Such an extremely complicated character, with an incredible interesting background and hardly anyone does her justice (well, a few do, like Drawmeasheep, but  still...).

How hard can it be to admit that Ziva genuinely cares for Tony? So why write a Ziva who is sharky and mean to Tony and apparently doesn't know about Tony's bout with the plague (although she did dossiers on all of them) and calls him a baby when he has a cough and is in turn snappishly put down by McGee and Gibbs ( who are suddenly laughably protective of Tony - talk about OOC).  Really, you wouldn't believe the number of fanfics out there, mentioning just that, whereas at the start of season 4 Ziva and Tony are good friends and in season 4 she's the only one worried about Tony and looking up information on the internet about Y-pestis.

And while I'm at it: please get over the everybody-was-invited-to Ziva's-dinner party-but-Tony incident in Boxed In. Tony had tickets to a wrestling game! Palmer was invited because he tuned her piano! The whole thing was an impromptu get together and they were teasing Tony! He's an adult, not a seven year old, he can handle that. And Ziva apologized and fixed him dinner the same evening. That this incident actually inspired someone to write a 32 chapter fanfic, where Ziva dies at the end because she did not invite Tony for dinner, with over a hundred reviews cheering the author on ... good lord!

I can't wait for season 3 and 4 to be aired everywhere, so we get passed this "why did Kate leave the show, I hate Ziva" complex that half the fanfic writers seem to have. Move on people. 

*takes a breath*

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First entry and let me start out by confessing that I only started this LJ so I could post comments on other LJ's, and I apologize for wasting your time, because seriously, you don't want to read my stuff. But while you're here ..

Number one passion right now is NCIS (but I confess it's rapidly being overtaken by SGA) and I will read anything that has to do with NCIS. Fanfic, spoilers, episodes, interviews, anything. Don't know how it happened, but I fell completely in love with this show a year ago and when I discovered fanfic ...! let's just say my family is scheduling an intervention as I type. LOL.

Anyhoo, don't worry about sending me spoiler information. I've seen every episode. Three times.

(OMG watching Lost right now - old episode [a/n 1.13 actually] - and this is the part where Sawyer and Kate dive into the lake and find two passengers still strapped to their seats on the bottom. It's very gross. But Kate's got her suitcase back. Where are my smileys? Don't tell me I only got penguins on this LJ. :( )

This is getting very exciting - flash back robbery, flood, tsunami. And Sawyer can't get the suitcase open. hehe. Great advertisement for Halliburton luggage btw. Let me finish up here. I need to see this.

Oh my sweet lord, they're digging up a body! - the smell!!)


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