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I've been fiddling around with my graphics tablet and my scanner - both are awesome - but I can't post to LJ without a huge loss in quality.
.png gives the best results (.jpeg looks awful, .psd files are too large) but even .png looks grainy compared to the original.

How do you guys do it? I upload to Photobucket. Does that have anything to do with it?


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ETA: oh wow. On my office computer they look even worse. Hellup.


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I finally did it. I bought a printer/scanner and a graphics tablet today.  For my handmeme. O.o

And here are some (wedding) pics from my trip to Maui last month.

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I also bought this on Maui. Way too expensive, but it's going to look gorgeous in my living room. After I remodel! :D 


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I'm leaving on a four week trip this evening -  so naturally I spent the afternoon watching three episodes of Being Human and reading de-aged Sheppard fic. I have two hours to pack my suitcase and clean my house. Hahahahaha. Help.

Anyway. First two weeks very limited access to internet (or none at all) and after that, maybe a bit more often if I can find an internet cafe. This vacation is going to seriously interfere with my LJ habit.

Why didn't I get a laptop. Why??

ETA: my dad dropped by to bring me dinner. Awww.


Oct. 8th, 2008 11:36 pm
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[ profile] with_apostrophe John Sheppard (yesss!) sent me a postcard from Scotland.

I bet Rodney helped him pick it out. It's a postcard of the Tardis, cleverly disguised as a telephone booth in the middle of a herd of Highland cows. :)

The mud covered team waves hi. *waves back*

[ profile] with_apostrophe, I love it! Thank you!
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I received my Absentee Ballot in the mail today. YAY.

*will be voting 4 November*
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Wow. Sad news.

I was sort of expecting it after Joe Mallozzi's not-so-subtle hints, but it still comes as a shock. I feel bad for the cast; David Hewlett called the high ratings for Search & Rescue fuel for season 6, so he and the rest of the cast must have really hoped for one more season. 

Man, I'm depressed!

This was actually going to be a happy post telling y'all about my wonderful week in Var and the Cote d'Azur, but since MGM and Joe M. killed my mood and I don't have photos yet, I'll make the post next week. It was glorious though: six days of beautiful weather, great food and no internet. 

Oh, show. *sigh* 
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Some inane conversations I had this week.



With my coworker SGA buddy.. )




With my doctor.. )


With the Glass Service .. )

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Not a very fannish post. Just a post to say I adore to freakish levels, my 22” wide screen, my Core2 Duo Intel with kazillion GB’s, my photoshop and the big, big scanner at the office I finally talked my management into buying.
The scanner came with the warning that it is not to be used for personal stuff, but hey, I need the practice.

The original looks slightly better. This is the only drawing I can post, because it's the ONLY drawing I ever finished. All my other stuff is half-finished sketches. Pathetic huh.

And Photoshop is coming along nicely as well, now that I’ve found a Media Player that caps what I want instead of skipping 20 frames. *happy*

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How many times does a person have to hear she sucks at something?


Anyway. Weekend. Yay.



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