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Fic rec! The view from the other side by [ profile] rhymer23. The events of The Lost Tribe have reopened some wounds that Sheppard thought healed.

SGA stuff

Dec. 8th, 2007 02:25 pm
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SGA, can this show get any better? Probably. But 'This Mortal Coil' was very good. Excellent.

The freakin' LJ-cut. For some reason, the format of my rec's on [profile] stargategenrec  changes after I post. I'm doing something wrong obviously.

You'd think my two SGA buddies (who have watched all ten seasons of SG-1 whereas I haven't seen a single episode) would have told me Sheppard has a cameo on S10x3 The Pegasus Galaxy. Hello? Crush?

The McShep Awards. I didn't get much further than browsing through the art and the fanvid catagories, but wow, I love this fandom. Such talent. Go check it out. 

Fic rec: Little Bear by [profile] kellifer_fic.  Can it get any cuter than that? And the photograph at the end!!!


Fic rec!

Nov. 18th, 2007 02:43 am
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Oh man, check out this fic. Hysterically funny!  Revenge of the Discs by Greywolf Lupous.

Oh, boys!  *laughs*

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Introduction of The Travelers. And wow.

Lessee .. )


*presses play a second time*

Oh, wait, the fic. Kassrachel's Symptomology. (McShep)

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Men are from Mars.
Doppelganger, the pinnacle of fangirl squee, was "just a filler ep" for my SGA-don’t-spoiler-me-buddy on the other side of the country. A filler! I didn't even know what to say to that. I tried though.

Buddy didn't get it. He wants space fights and season story arc. We agreed about three things though:

1.    Carter is ok, but Weir was better.

2.    Heightmeyer's make-up looked weird this episode. Also, we never liked her.

3.    We want to see the huge venomous snake-like creatures on the main land.

BTW: the snakes immediately reminded me of Koscha’s fanfic ‘A Geek in the Grass’, which is excellent!

here )
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All right. I can do this. I can conquer the lj-cut and make it work!

So me practicing and you guys reaping the benefits, check out this amazing multimedia John Sheppard / Rodney McKay AU that I found at 3 AM this morning.

Here's the vid: Missed the Saturday Dance vid

and the story that goes along with it:

Missed the Saturday Dance fic

And the author is the amazing: [ profile] zoetrope

Don't forget to check out the wireless!

yay! I think it worked in HTML.

* edit *

(It did! And now editing to add: Rated P-whatever for slash and adult themes.)
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Okay, so I did an OOC-Ziva rant yesterday and yelled that nobody does her justice and I take that back (well, partly). Quite a number of writers do her justice, it's just not a whole lot compared to the total number of NCIS fanfic writers. But ...*happy thoughts*

and a link to a great fanfic, written by Lattelady, and kudos for the Ziva characterization!


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