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I liked this episode. I really enjoyed it. Teyla as a tiny fierce Wraith Queen was great and her worried team was adorkable. So here my very, very late commentary:

The story line in a nutshell: because of her Wraith DNA, Teyla is asked to pose as Todd's Wraith Queen, giving his hive the authority to enter talks with the Alliance and its Primary Queen. To turn Teyla into a 100% bona fide Wraith Queen, Keller performs hours of gruelling surgery and - from what I understand - changes Teyla on a genetic level with Todd's help. So far so good.

The peeve: why, writers, WHY was the mental link between the Wraith not mentioned in this episode? The one thing that makes Teyla's Wraith DNA so useful is the fact that she can 'sense' the Wraith and she can connect with them on a telepathic level. And up till now every encounter between Teyla and a Wraith has been a huge battle of wills and most times she has barely stood her ground, which is what makes her 'special power' so unpredictable and dangerous. 

Why wasn't any of this mentioned? After the surgery Teyla looks like a Wraith but that is all it is, appearances only.  She is 100% Teyla underneath, no mental connection with Todd or the Hive whatsoever, Todd has to coach her in her new role like a stage actress.

Wouldn't it have been awesome if Teyla had had to battle her own Wraith DNA to remain Teyla? Wouldn't it have been great to see Todd succumb against his will to the power of his new Wraith Queen? Wouldn't we have loved to see Teyla force the bald 2IC Wraith to his knees by the force of her will only? If she had tried to feed on him only to have been saved from that dilemma at the last moment by Todd?

And it would have worked on so many levels! Only by being a real Wraith Queen would Teyla have come to realize what the Wraith are sacrificing by letting the Atlanteans mess with their DNA (because let's face it, they are giving up more than a dietary habit here). Cue humongous amounts of angst! And the bond between Todd and Teyla would have been almost unbreakable.

The episode was good, but it would have been amazing if the writers had shown all that. A missed chance if you ask me.

But here be a gazillion HR screencaps:

The team in a jumper! yay. On their way to Todd's hive on a diplomatic mission. With McKay predicting doom.

I love Todd. And Christopher Heyerdahl is incredibly expressive underneath all that rubber.

Culled fruit. XD  Keller explains their plan.

McKay gleefully reminds Todd about all the humans poisoned with Hoffan drugs.

Sheppard promises that he would (in theory) no longer have to kill them.

So Todd is surprisingly fast ok with the idea, but needs a Queen to convince the Primary of the Alliance. Enter Teyla.

(scene break to remind us we don't want SGU)

Sheppard face. He's not very happy with Todd's plan to turn Teyla into a Wraith Queen.

Teyla doesn't listen of course. 

Worried stares from her brothers team members.

I loved this bit. Hours of waiting, don't they ever have to do senior staff things? 

Some major mental backpedaling when they see Teyla after surgery.


Todd and Teyla board the Primary's Hive, who immediately jumps her ship into hyperspace.

The boys are not pleased .....

... at all. Exigencies!John  face.

The primary Queen.

.. who gets stabbed to death within seconds by .. Todd.  (I didn't expect that).

Teyla takes over as Queen and immediately attacks another Hive.

The boys, meanwhile, convince themselves that Teyla needs rescuing and here it gets pretty hysterical.

(Sheppard face :D)

because a) Teyla doesn't need rescuing, and b) their brilliant plan? Board the enemy Hive and "pick up Teyla".  It is completely endearing.

Teyla's battle doesn't go so well, so Sheppard decides to "tip the scales a little".

(Am I the only one thinking of all the humans trapped in cocoons on board that Hive?)

Team boards the Hive and gets captured almost immediately (watching Rodney shoot, I'm surprised Sheppard allows him to carry a gun).

Wraith jail. Sheppard wouldn't even have to turn sideways to fit through those holes. Just sayin'

Sheppard face.

See? This scene right here? See comments.

Teyla delegates the Hive to Todd with I'll be back speech.

(scene break to remind us that SGU will not ever be as pretty as SGA)

Omg Doc! What have you done to Teyla!!  lol

More Sheppard face.

 Teyla thinking about lunch (no, really).

Good episode. Listed #4 on my list.
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