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The poker scene in Vegas.

I've watched that scene twelve times and I can't figure it out. Something happens at the end. Sheppard folds, and the Wraith starts raking in the chips, but something makes him suddenly look up and throw a sharp glance at Sheppard and Sheppard gives him this look back and the Wraith gets up to leave, like he knows his game is up.

Dealer deals. We don't see the Wraith's hand.
Sheppard has two sixes.

Dealer turns 6 7 7.

Sheppard now has a full house. A great hand.
The Wraith at the most has a double pair (or four of a kind, but we see in the next turn that he doesn't).

Dealer turns a 7

Sheppard now has a higher full house, but a worse hand, because:
- if the Wraith started out with a pair, he now has a full house and probably one that's higher than Sheppard's.
- if the Wraith had a single 7 in his hand, he now has four of kind. It would have meant a lousy hand to start with, and the Wraith raised, so probably not.

The thing is: The Wraith is reading the minds of everybody at that table, he *knows* Sheppard's hand. Even with a double pair, he knew that he couldn't win against Sheppard's full house, and yet he doesn't fold. Okay, he's a gambling man, but the ONLY card with which he can outbluf Sheppard is with another 7, and he had no way of knowing that the dealer would deal that one card.

So what happenend??

Did Sheppard lose on purpose? Did he fold with a winning hand and forfeit 20,000 dollar to draw out the Wraith - to see what his response would be?
Or was he genuinely outbluffed by the Wraith and gave up?
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